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WhizFolders Organizer Pro -- File and manage your notes in these smart folders

WhizFolders in action with multiple windows in a note taking sessionRecalling your stored-away notes has never been easier! Make notes with WhizFolders, be more productive, and make your life easier! Now the notes that you store away are just a hyperlink away. Simply click on the link, and the note that you stored away appears. We have partner with the best marketing company in Orange County. http://www.ocseoexperts.com. They provide SEO Santa Monica, SEO Newport Beach, and SEO Irvine. Check out their other site. Huntington Beach SEO

Details: Click here to get complete details on what WhizFolders can do for you.

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Buy it: Click here to buy WhizFolders for $39 only.

Try it: Click here to download WhizFolders and see how you can manage your notes better.

ShowSize -- Forget your disk space worries with this fast, flexible disk space reporting tool

ShowSize in action, showing large folders"It's a slick program and runs even faster than I would have thought it could--it was a great help recently when I purchased a new system and realized how much data I accumulated since I switched to Win2000." Click here to see more user comments on ShowSize.

Details: Click here to get complete details on what ShowSize can do for you.

Buy it: Click here to buy ShowSize for $25 and get a FREE copy of our new disk utility "Files At A Glance" described later on this page.

Try it: Click here to download ShowSize and witness its flexible reporting features on your disk space.

HelpHikes Pro -- A Windows help authoring tool with power features for developers

HelpHikes Pro in action, shows the help source of an actual product"I found HelpHikes on the web, purchased it, downloaded it, and within 30 minutes had created my first-ever help file and added a few topics." Click here to see more user comments on HelpHikes Pro.

Details: Click here to get complete details on what HelpHikes Pro can do for you.

Buy it: Click here to buy HelpHikes Pro for $25 and create extensive, detailed help files which your users will appreciate.

Try it: Click here to download HelpHikes Pro and start help authoring in minutes!
  Our Freeware Products

Find Unused Files -- Version 1.5
List unused files on your hard disk!
Download: Freeware
WhizNote -- Version 3.5
A Note Organizer and Help Writing System
  Why we call our products "User-defined" software?

You won't find dozens of products on our site. In fact, you'll find very few. But try them, and you will know why we are unique. From a simple germ of an idea, our products have grown to what they are today. And, they are still growing. Why? Because, we investigate and evaluate each and every idea that comes from our users. We think our users are smarter than us.

Not all good ideas are practical or easy to implement. But, we listen to all of them and keep them organized in our own WhizFolders software. Nothing goes to the trash bin.

Don't take our word for it. Try one of our products today and see how useful the "user-defined" software can be. Who knows, the next great feature might come from one of your ideas?


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