Find Unused Files 1.5
List unused files on your hard disk
  Having doubts?

"Windows Explorer has a Find Files or Folders feature. Why do I need Find Unused Files?"

Find Files feature allows you to find files modified or created between certain dates. This has nothing to do with when a file was "used" or "read" last. Find Unused Files doesn't use modified date property of a file. It uses "last accessed date" property to determine when a file was "used" last. Find Unused Files is not an attempt to replace "Find Files" feature of Windows. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. Rather, it implements a feature that is not available in "Find Files."

Note: The newer Find Files on some Windows systems may allow search by access dates. For example, you may be able to find files which were used within a period but there is no way to find out files NOT used within a period. Find Unused Files is meant to find NOT used files.

"I ran Find Unused Files and it worked fine on a drive, producing a list of files unused in the last 100 days. However, when I ran it on drive C:, it fails to find anything. What is wrong?"

You must be running a Virus Scan regularly on all the files of your C: drive. This effectively marks the file as used on the day when the scan is run. In fact, a Virus Scan causes a loss of the real "last used" information of a file. I wish, the Virus Scan developers find a way of restoring the original "last access date" after checking the file. Find Unused Files can do nothing about it. It is not a problem of Find Unused Files.


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