HelpHikes Pro 3.5.8
A WinHelp authoring tool
Freeware Product WhizNote released Instead (see next section)

HelpHikes Pro has been discontinued for sale. However, we are still maintaining the old download for our customers. In fact, we recently tweaked it to make it work on Vista/Windows 7 (32-bit only). If you had purchased it earlier, please download the latest version 3.5.8 from the paid user support area.

Why have we discontinued selling HelpHikes Pro? Because HelpHikes Pro is a WinHelp authoring tool. And WINHELP IS OLD TECHNOLOGY! WinHelp format is now obsolete if you want to produce help files for your applications or want to distribute help files to other users.

  Get Freeware Help Authoring Tool WhizNote instead

WinHelp is old help technology. But still, if you just want to make WinHelp help files for fun, you can still use our freeware product WhizNote. It works on even Windows Vista.

  Our new product WhizFolders Organizer

Nice, explorer-style, two-pane document window with drag & drop features for organizing, linking and outlining your notesWhizFolders Organizer Pro is a first-class note organizer, outliner and hyperlinking product. Please click here now to go to WhizFolders web site and download a FREE trial copy that works for 30 days.

Are you a customer of old HelpHikes Pro? If so, you can get a special price on WhizFolders Organizer Pro by accessing the user support area.


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