HelpHikes Pro 3.5.7
A Windows help authoring tool with power features for developers
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"Is HelpHikes Pro a WYSIWYG tool?"

No. It uses a simple markup language of its own that we call HHML. If you are used to coding HTML, you will find HHML quite simple to use.

Also, if you are a programmer, you will like the power that a markup language gives over WYSIWYG systems. Besides, HelpHikes Pro has good organizer features so that you can use it to organize your topics. Since a good help file may easily run into hundreds of topics, you need good organizer features. Read all about HelpHikes Pro's help authoring features.

"Do you have plans to develop an HTML Help version of HelpHikes Pro?"

We don't use HTML Help for our own products as it is not guaranteed to be present on old Windows 95 systems. This is not the case with WinHelp. Once we feel a need for HTML Help, we will certainly develop an HTML Help version of HelpHikes Pro. However, please note that HelpHikes Pro has some unique features for editing HTML text files. The web pages of this web site are authored and maintained with HelpHikes Pro's HTML editing features. In particular, the ability of HelpHikes Pro to test the hyperlinks is very useful. It can even take advantage of personal web server to test your pages locally. For more details, please see Using HelpHikes Pro for HTML authoring.

See a complete list of features.

For more questions, Please look at the categorized database of questions and answers. The known problems are also documented there. This database is new and will grow to include more question/answers in the future.
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