HelpHikes Pro 3.5.7
A Windows help authoring tool with power features for developers
  Download WhizNote, a Lite program

We are no longer giving HelpHikes Pro download for trial. Instead, you can download the freeware program WhizNote which has "light" features for help authoring quite similar to HelpHikes Pro. This is enough for evaluation purposes.

Please download the file whiznote.exe from the following link. Then run it to install the software.

  • Click here to download whiznote.exe. The download size is 1.25 MB.
If you are a licensed user of HelpHikes Pro, please download the latest update from the user support area.
  Other downloads

HelpHikes Pro requires Microsoft Help Workshop (HCW) compiler installed on your system. You may already have HCW if you have any Windows development kit installed, such as, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder, etc. Look for a file HCW.EXE on your system. If you don't have HCW, please see the "Help Compiler" section in the Questions database on how to get it.

If you are a Delphi programmer, please check out my Delphi tips on help integration.

If you are still authoring Windows 3.1 help files, you may see old sample files page.
  Why wait for evaluation?

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