HelpHikes Pro 3.5.7
A Windows help authoring tool with power features for developers
  Features at a glance

Here is a list of help authoring features. For more details, please see the page Help Authoring Features, Details.

  • You will love the easier, one folder per help file, concept!
  • You get the taste of multiple-window authoring! Helps you brainstorm your ideas for any kind of authoring or writing.
  • You get the organizer and hypertext features to manage your help topics.
  • You get the power of dragging and dropping topic links by their names. No context strings to deal with!
  • You get the freedom from assigning and remembering context strings! Yet, you also get the power to override them if you want to.
  • You can use and test your hypertext links even at authoring time!
  • You get the real power of a markup language, HHML. If you have used HTML for creating web pages, you already have used a markup language. HelpHikes Pro uses its own markup language, HHML, and gives you the features to:
    • Insert JUMP or REF (popup) links to other topics or help files.
    • Insert text attributes like BOLD, similar to HTML.
    • Use other fonts, sizes and colors. Even define custom text styles using rtf macros.
    • Insert bulleted and numeric lists.
    • Indent or right/left justify paragraphs.
    • Insert pictures or pictures with hotspots (hypergraphics).
    • Insert WinHelp macro programs.
    • Create your own custom hypertext link statements to extend the markup language. Many examples in the sample folders.
    • Reuse your custom statements and text styles in other projects, easily.
  • You get a smart text template insertion tool, called WhizMenu! This helps you insert the HHML markup language statements easily. WhizMenu is customizable! You can even use it to author HTML web pages.
  • You get much higher speed of help RTF creation due to the markup language based approach of HelpHikes Pro.
  • You get the innovative "smart-build" option to save your time further. Smart-build only reprocesses the RTF for changed topics, somewhat similar to the "make" or "project" concepts in other IDEs.
  • You automatically avoid the huge error listings from the help compiler! Most hyperlink errors are caught up front by HelpHikes Pro due to its markup language based approach.
  • Due to the above features, you can create large help files with thousands of topics, easily. No more analysis of huge error listings from the help compiler and no more waiting for hours to get the RTF file corrected.
  • You don't waste time in the superficial GUI screens which require you to remember and enter symbols like context strings. Rather, you get the markup language based intelligent solutions which use the normal Windows editing features. Here are some examples:
    • You can create your Help Contents items with simple drag and drop, copy and paste of topic names. No need to remember and assign context strings as in Help Workshop (HCW).
    • You can create browsing groups and sequences with simple drag and drop, copy and paste of topic names.
    • You can define and use the secondary windows easily and can reuse your definitions across projects.
  • You get innovative features in the markup language, like pinning a help topic to a particular secondary window so that all displays of that topic always go to that secondary window. You don't need to specify the window in all the links!
  • You assign keywords, macros and other attributes to the topics in an object oriented manner.
  • You can also insert keywords directly in the text wherever you want the index to jump to.
  • You can create the non-scrolling topic titles easily, or even heavily customize them for individual topics.
  • You can also customize and generate sections of the HPJ project file for advanced usage, such as for interfacing with DLLs.
  • You can specify a template to generate the context IDs in any programming language for providing context sensitive help in your applications.
  • You can use topic name aliases so that they are different from the ones used in authoring.
  • You get the power to conditionally include/exclude the text, similar to the ifdefs in C. Hence, the same folder can create different versions of help files with these features.
  • You can specify the startup help macros for a help file, or for a topic.
  • You can export the normal RTF without the help footnotes for creating a printable document .
  • You need to spend less for help authoring! No other word processing program is required.
  • You'll find HelpHikes Pro so easy and handy that you'll be tempted to create help files of all your notes.
  • You get the detailed documentation in the online help and on the web site. Plus, you get the FREE email newsletter to inform of updates.
  • You get useful sample files with the program and from the web site.
  • You get many tips for the programmers in the documentation.
  • In the licensed version, you get a Bonus 100,000 word American and British English spelling-checker.
For more details, please see the page Help Authoring Features, Details.
  Using HelpHikes Pro for HTML authoring

Note: If you are already using HelpHikes Pro, just click on Help--Help Topics. Then in Contents, look at "Editing Text and HTML files." This will give all the details on how to use it for HTML editing.

HelpHikes Pro allows editing of external text files. You can see menu items to Open and Save text files on the "File--Text Files" menu. Since web pages are also text files, you can also use HelpHikes Pro for direct HTML editing in web page files. This feature, of course, is only meant for those who like to directly code HTML in their web pages. If you were previously using Notepad for editing these files, you will find many better features in HelpHikes Pro. The web pages of this web site are authored and maintained with HelpHikes Pro's HTML editing features. In particular, the ability of HelpHikes Pro to test the hyperlinks is very useful. It can even take advantage of personal web server to test your pages locally. Here are the features at a glance:
  • Text templates: A customizable text template insertion tool that allows you to insert HTML markers or even big text blocks. It has features to enclose the selected text and also to position the caret after insertion. For example, to make an HREF link, all you do is select the link text, right-click on WhizMenu item "Text link" and it encloses the selected text in an HREF type marker with caret ready on HREF value so that you can type or paste the URL. Similarly, a "Link target" item allows you to insert NAME targets.

  • Double-clicks work on HREFs! When editing a web page file, if you double-click on an HREF link, it opens the target intelligently! For example, if you are editing a web page and the target is a relative page reference, it is opened for editing in another window! If it is a full URL, it is opened in your Internet Browser. Even double-clicks on virtual (server side includes) is supported. For resolving local relative paths, you can set up the root directory of your local web site by a Tools menu.

  • Reload in browser! For testing a page, you can quickly reload it in browser by a File menu item or by Ctrl-R. This feature works for .HTM and .HTML files as the browser can directly interpret them. For .shtml or .asp type files, you need a local personal web server. Then, you can specify the web site root URL to HelpHikes Pro and it will even reload .shtml and .asp pages for testing!
  What the users are saying

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  Questions and Answers, known problems, etc.

Please look at the categorized database of questions and answers. The known problems are also documented there. This database is new and will grow to include more question/answers in the future.
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