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Help Compiler ( 20 Sep 2001)

Question 2: I have installed Microsoft Help Workshop but HelpHikes Pro still can't find it. What is wrong? ( 14 Sep 2001)

Question 3: I have both HCW (Microsoft Help Workshop) and HCP compilers installed. However, I want to create Windows 3.1 help files using HCP.EXE. HelpHikes Pro continues to use HCW by default. How to force it to use HCP.EXE? ( 14 Sep 2001)

Question 1: Where to get the help compiler? ( 20 Sep 2001)

Hyperlinks ( 21 May 2004)

Question 5: Is it possible to have a hyperlink that goes to somewhere in the middle of a topic? ( 26 Nov 2001)

Question 11: In the following paragraph, JumpWithin is not working. Why? ( 26 May 2003)

Question 12: I have defined a target in the middle of my topic and would like to create a context id for the target. Is this possible? Also noticed that jumptotarget not supported if in the contents file. Is this on purpose? ( 27 May 2003)

Question 13: Can I make a REF appear bold? The following line does not do what seems obvious: ( 27 May 2003)

Question 4: Is it possible to setup a link in a help file to bring up a users browser and then use their browser to send E-Mail, for example, ( 21 May 2004)

Statements and commands ( 18 Jul 2002)

Question 6: Do you have a listing of all of the HelpHikes commands somewhere? I want to build an advanced WhizMenu that contains all these commands. ( 18 Jul 2002)

HTML editing features ( 18 Jul 2002)

Question 7: What HTML editing features are there? I can't find them on the menu. ( 26 Nov 2001)

Question 10: More advanced HTML WhizMenu ( 18 Jul 2002)

Sample files ( 18 Jul 2002)

Question 8: Enhanced default WhizMenu for help authoring ( 18 Jul 2002)

Question 9: Enhanced WhizMenu for HTML authoring ( 18 Jul 2002)

Beginner's questions ( 11 Jun 2003)

Question 14: I have just started using HelpHikes Pro. I added about 5 topics to a document and could create my first help file very easily. But, the Contents topic simply lists all the five topics with no formatting. How can I get a better Contents topic? ( 27 May 2003)

Question 15: I have generated a sample help file using HelpHikes Pro, but don't know how to activate it from an application. Any hints? ( 10 Jun 2003)

Question 16: I created a small help file, the program works great. My only problem is I cannot get the help file title to show the title that I specified in Help Generation Options Dialog. It always shows "Untitled Help" instead of "My Help File". Why? ( 10 Jun 2003)

Question 17: Where can I find more information on VB integration with Windows help files? ( 11 Jun 2003)


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