HelpHikes Pro 3.5.7
A Windows help authoring tool with power features for developers
  OLD Sample files for HelpHikes Pro

HelpHikes Pro now includes updated sample files to show new features. For the latest information on additional files, please refer to our web based categorized database of questions and answers.

Only OLD sample files are here: Note that some of them are quite old and may contain old web site and email addresses and may not use the new features to solve a problem. But still, they might prove valuable, especially for those who still want to create Windows 3.1 help files.
  Make your own Tips help file with HelpHikes Pro

Perhaps, you know that the functionality of Windows Help files can be enhanced by the use of custom DLLs. This software, HHKUTILS.DLL is a custom DLL that lets you enhance your help files for certain applications. For example, if you created a help file containing Tips and Tricks in many topics, you will be able to present the topics in a random order to the user. Note that this DLL can be used in any help authoring tool which supports these features. But, special sample folders are included for HelpHikes Pro which make the job much easier.

Please download the ZIP file (130,415 bytes). Then, unzip and look at the files README.TXT and HHKUTILS.HLP.

  Sample source of a real product's help file

This has been discontinued as HelpHikes Pro now includes a sample application help file that can be used as a model.

  Different looking jumps under Windows 3.1

This is an old item relevant only to Windows 3.1 help.

Grant Botes had contributed a very nice example of changing the characteristics of the default jumps and references in Windows Help 3.1. He has defined very useful RtfLinkMacros to do this easily in HelpHikes Pro. To see how Grant did it, please download (8,460 bytes). Unzip it to get the source file jmpcolor.wzn and the resulting jmpcolor.hlp created with it.

Many thanks to Grant for making this valuable contribution!

  Sample DLL for Windows 3.1 help

This is an old item relevant only to Windows 3.1 help. HelpHikes Pro can now compile JumpFile statements.

This sample has also been updated to show how you can compile JumpFile statement in Windows 3.1 help.

A sample DLL source in C is available to show how you can write custom help macros in a DLL and use it in your help project. This custom DLL is meant for Windows 3.1 help files and includes OpenDoc, a custom routine which will allow your Windows 3.1 help files to perform a ShellExecute on a document. Please download the ZIP file (8,923 bytes).

  Sample source for the old WhizFolders Tutorial

A tutorial was created for old WhizFolders (16-bit) software using HelpHikes Pro. Here are the sample source WZN files and the bitmaps for the tutorial. Note that this tutorial is for sample only and may contain old web site and email addresses. Also, it may not use the latest version 3.5 features such as JumpFle compilation.

If you are interested in looking at the sources of this tutorial, please download the ZIP file (48,657 bytes). Then, unzip and look at the file README.TXT.


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