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  Testimonials on HelpHikes Pro

"Let me compliment you on attention to detail. Everything is very professionally done. I enjoy using the system, and as a software developer, appreciate the effort made by you."
   -- Doug Champion

"Although I had written a number of software applications for Windows, I had never needed to create a help file until recently. I knew nothing about it and did not want to invest much time in learning, so I searched for a help authoring tool that would make it easy for me to create the needed help file. I found HelpHikes on the web, purchased it, downloaded it, and within 30 minutes had created my first-ever help file and added a few topics. Within 4 hours I had added many topics with links between and within them. Within 12 hours of work, I had over 3 dozen, linked, topics, a custom table of contents, topic pages with non-scrolling headers and other advanced features. I could never have progressed so quickly without this great tool. Along the way I had some questions and was able to obtain excellent technical support. Just about anything I could want to do is covered in the documentation with samples and cut & paste macros to use in my own help file. I simply would never consider authoring a help file without HelpHikes."
   -- Bruce Quackenbush

"I use HelpHikes to create user friendly Help Docs, image-mapped links to data, tables, and I like the ability to create your own RTF macros to enrich your help files. HelpHikes is the best tool I have found so far, for creating Help-Files. I am currently including a credit / information page in my help file(s) to give credit to the authors of the tools I used to create my help files, as well as the URL as to where HelpHikes can be found."
   -- John Boone

"I needed a low cost, high quality product that would create help files, but I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars and a lifetime trying to learn how to use. I took a chance on HelpHikes, and I found that it was exactly what I was looking for. There are no complicated Rich Text File commands to learn, but HelpHikes will allow you to create macros that utilize many of the Rich Text commands in a help file."

"I started off wanting to make a simple help file, but after using HelpHikes, I discovered that there are many easy features that let me create a great looking help file. I also found that I could use HelpHikes for other things besides creating help files. I used it for creating outlines and general notes, and I'm sure that I'll use it for other purposes as well. I feel that HelpHikes is both interesting and easy for the novice user, and feature packed for the professional help writer."
   -- John Barrington

"I have written a helpfile for BrainStorm ( and I have been delighted with your program."
   -- David Tebbutt

"It is a pleasure to find a company that responds with a positive concise answer. I find it an excellent product, and easy to use."
   -- Maurice Copeland

"I looked at a large number of Help file programs before I found and settled on HelpHikes. I have now written 12 lengthy Help files, and one electronic book using both HelpHikes and its predecessor, WhizNotes. Although the program seemed complex at first, the example files provided allowed me to get down to business and quickly produce professional work. I highly recommend it."
   -- Brad Blanchard

"When i began to move from CA-Clipper to CA-Visual Objects 1.x to write MS Windows applications, i had to write help files accompanying my software. I have been quite disappointed, when i discovered how uneasy it was to write those files with traditional tools. Heavenly i found on a CA Compuserve forum an evaluation copy of Sanjay's WhizNotes. I tested it. Instantly i found how easy it was not only to write help files, but also, easy to give to these files the professional appearance my applications needed. As i had to deploy my applications on Windows 3.x and 95, I purchased HelpHikes Pro. I found in the examples that shipped with HelpHikes all the necessary help, not only to understand how to use the nice features of HelpHikes Pro, but most of the time to improve the look and increase the functionalities of my help files. I have been so impressed by HelpHikes Pro, that each time i talk with peers in my VO users group, i mention HelpHikes as being THE help authoring tool."
   -- Pierre HONORE

"HelpHikes Pro, the only system that I could install and use pretty much straight away, without a big learning curve."
   -- Steffan Klein

"I keep a little black book on my software's support. You are at the top of the list. Please keep up the good effort."
   -- Helmut Schmidhofer

"Please add me to your list of satisfied customers. I have been a registered owner for a couple of weeks and I must say how pleased I am with your HelpHikes Pro."

"I am well into my first project. It is going smoothly. Your program is everything advertised and has helped me beautifully. I am learning more and more each day in implementing all the features given by HelpHikes Pro."
   -- Tom Stanley

"I tried several help generators before deciding to purchase HelpHikes. The shareware WhizNotes program was head and shoulders above any of the other packages I tried. WhizNotes is easy to use, the interface is intuitive, and as a result I was able to produce a help file immediately."

"Well Done!"
   -- Gordon Parnell
  Old testimonials on WhizNotes (earlier name for HelpHikes Pro)

"I've been using WhizNotes for about three years now and I am really pleased with it. Apart from some playing around doing useless things with (which is fun by the way), I've used it to make a quite large help project containing information used by my wife and her fellow students for their study on the usage of medical herbs. Information on this subject in the form of cross references about relations of diseases and herbs, chemical information and herbs, human characteristics and reaction on herbs and so on, is hard to find. WhizNotes is perfect for this purpose, for it offers the possibility to enter the information in the (scattered) way you find/receive it and you can organize and link it afterwards."

"For some specialized features (for a cross reference it is useful to have references be accompanied by some backward reference, in some cases I wanted sub tables of contents and even 'real' cross reference tables, etc..) I've written some rexx macros which process the whiznote file as it is exported as text file. The results are imported again. I don't expect application related features to be included in WhizNotes, so this interface to plain text is a big help. For the same reason I sometimes directly use RTF statements and the studying the rtf files that WhizNotes generate greatly shortened the learning curve. In short: it was (and still is) a great help."
   -- Hans Hommersom

"The shareware WhizNotes program was head and shoulders above any of the other packages I tried. WhizNotes is easy to use, the interface is intuitive, and as a result I was able to produce a help file immediately."

"Well Done!"
   -- Gordon Parnell

"Sanjay Kanade's shareware Notes program WhizNotes is everything that shareware ought to be: designed with care, it is a lean, fast application that will be appreciated by anyone who needs to keep a diary, database of research notes, scratchpad for developing new work from creative writing or programs."

"Kanade has paid great attention to the details of his program, and this is proved by the rapid, intuitive feel. You quickly feel at home, and indeed the first use brings up a friendly tutorial. He keeps adding new and better features, and the speed with which he responds to queries and suggestions puts most commercial programmers in the shade. There's even an excellent Newsletter for users, with hints and tips. What more could you want!"

"Well, there is more: WhizNotes can be used to compile help files for your own programs, import and export databases, and numerous other little useful tasks."

"It's fast, efficient, useful and amazingly good value for the money. One of those little apps you'll keep going back to. I certainly do."
   -- Charlie Harris

"I use WhizNotes to develop windows help files which I use to communicate project status, company events, common definitions, updates to strategic projects etc. I try to make them fun by embedding sound and hotspot files. I recently purchased a book on WIN95 help files authoring."

"I use WhizNotes to make the help file topics and links. I have customized the color table and font selection to add different styles. I usually make the *.rtf and then run the *.bat file so if I goofed in something small I could change the *.rtf and do a quick recompile. I used to do this more until I read the HELP file stuff a little more thoroughly and found out I could embed [~RTF ] stuff within WhizNotes."

"I really enjoy using WhizNotes. My role is a Manufacturing Manager in a large Canadian Petrochemical company. I find the *.hlp format excellent for distributing over a network. I would be VERY interested in trying out anything or any improvements you may have."
   -- Nigel Clark

"Seldom do I find myself so impressed with ANY software."

"Your interface is fluid, flexible, intuitive, and allows the user to spend his or her efforts on the PROJECT rather than the PROGRAM. I appreciate the extra effort that you have spent in this area. Too often, shareware programmers appear to strive for one simple goal: not crashing the system."

"Having attained that, they cease to aspire. (Users are apparently expected to spend at least half of their time referring to the help text.) Therein lies the greatest benefit I have discovered in using WhizNotes: Whenever I get frustrated with a project, ready to throw in the towel and say that it "works" I can look to your program as an example of what true Windows programming SHOULD be. Your obvious dedication to the craft is an inspiration to us all."
   -- Michael Sprague

"I just wanted to tell you it is one of the most impressive programs I have come across. I have been recently trying to author help files and could not figure out most of the shareware programs I tried. I found yours and was authoring within minutes. I just thought I'd send you a note of appreciation for your efforts and good luck with WhizNotes in the future."
   -- Craig Ryall

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